Mechanism / Norms

Mechanism / Norms & Procedure for democratic / Good Governance

  • Vision and mission statement of Anand Education College,Anand is defined in joint co-ordination of the head of the institute and all the staff members including the teaching and non-teaching staff. Vision and mission statement are presented to all the staff members and feed back in terms of contributions made and improvements necessary in future is done on timely basis.
  • We have developed an organizational chart and defined functional heads (with Job Profile) along with various processes and activities. ( Organizational chart )
  • Administrative staff and all concerned faculties are responsible to ensure the implementation part conveyed to staff members during the regular presentations. Monthly Staff level meeting along with meetings of all the committees handling various activities and processes are in effect which provides all the staff members, an equal opportunity to put their opinion among the higher decision making authorities.
  • Feedback page is provided at our website. Students can also submit their suggestions for good governance and a record is kept for the measures taken there on.

Grievance Redressal

  • For female students, college has formed a Women’s cell which is responsible to resolve complaints from the female members.
  • The Principal is entitled with the responsibility of settling all grievance pertaining to staff and student.